The Back Porch Restaurant, serving your community for over 30 years.

What makes a legend? Time, tradition, people - whatever the combination, Jackie and Vicki Clayton have build a legend at the Back Porch.

The Claytons have owned the Back Porch for since 1990 but the history goes back to the 1960s when the business was a pool hall owned by Harry Crow.

Jackie said the place was "pool tables from front to back" until the early 70s when Bill Terrell and Walt Madison bought it and turned it into a sandwich shop.

Jackie said Alvin Ords owned it for a short while in the mid 70s, but in the early 80s Doyle and Karen Thomas and Lisa and Billy Holbrooke bought what was then Burgers and Fries and the Back Porch was born. The Back Porch was almost lost when a fire destroyed the building in 1984, but was rebuilt and history continued.

In January of 1990, the Claytons bought the Back Porch, opened for supper business, and it's been going strong ever since.

With tradition comes good employees such as Pat MacDonald, who has been working at the Back Porch for 32 years doing the cooking, and Tammi McFadin greeting the customers for 25 years. 

The Management Team of The Back Porch Stage on Broadway includes:
Ryan Roberts - General Manager
Lindsey Hammontree - Assistant General Manager
Tina Penuel - Front of House Manager
Scottie Craig - Kitchen Manager

Four years ago, the Back Porch implemented the sit-down service after 5 p.m. "Before 5 p.m., people order at the counter, but now after 5 p.m., you're seated, your order is taken, and your food brought to you," said Vicki. 

The beans and hush puppies are still plentiful and as good as ever, and the Sue Lou (you just have to ask) salad is available at any time. "We also have a lot of items on the menu for those looking for less fat, such as buffalo, turkey, grilled chicken breast, and of course salads," said Vicki.
One item that had become very popular is the Burger Paks; seasoned patty and bun with the fixins. "These are everything you need to grill out without the fuss. We do the work, you have the fun, and no order is too big or too small - just call in advance for the big ones."

The Claytons were born and raised in Kilgore, graduated from Kilgore High School, and went on to Kilgore College... just good down-home people serving the community they love.