The Back Porch Restaurant, serving your community for over 30 years.

What makes a legend? Time, tradition, and people!

The history of The Back Porch goes back to the 1930s when the business was a pool hall owned by Harry Crow. In 1990, Jackie and Vicki Clayton began building what we know as The Back Porch (BP) today. The Clayton's retired in 2022 and passed the torch to the Maxey family who have owned the Jucys group of restaurants since the 1980s. So...the legend continues.

Until the early 70s, the place was pool tables from front to back. Then, Bill Terrell and Walt Madison bought it and turned it into a sandwich shop; the venue quickly switched hands and became a Burgers and Fries under the ownership of Alvin Ords with some involvement from Ronny Maxey (yes, that is the same Maxey family of the current owners). Doyle Thomas, Karen Thomas, and Billy Holbrooke purchased it at this time, and The Back Porch was born. A fire in 1984 almost ended its life by destroying the building, but it was rebuilt and revived.